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Hey, hoooo, Leudde!

Wie cool, von so vielen noch vor Abreise gelesen/gehört zu haben. (Sorry Ellie und Klas, dass der Kaffee nicht mehr passte, aber ein Wohnung aufzulösen ist wirklich nur bedingt spaßig…)

Yeah, wir sind mal wieder in einem kleinen Paradies angekommen – Stop#1 Curaçao. Smaragdgrünes bis azurblaues Wasser gespickt mit quitschigen, quirligen Fischlies ist uns eine willkommene Abkühlung auf Schnorcheltrips – die 32 Grad, die dich zum Dauerfluss treiben, könnten ja sonst richtig ermüdend sein ?.

Dennis hat sich vorgenommen so viele Biersorten wie möglich zu testen, die ihm über den Weg laufen…yes we’re kind of busy. From time to time I will write in English because I guess there are some lovely friends following us from all around the world. Our first Airbnb stay was perfect. We slept in a little cottage in the backyard of a young couple with two children. It is super interesting and funny to live with locals. In the past we were really lucky to meet great people from everywhere – it seems to continue.

Oh best part of Curaçao is grocery shopping. It is confusing because all the stuff in the shelfs is imported from elsewhere. So it starts with Dutch frikandel, continues with German Paniermehl and finally you find some Indonesian Masala. Real fun I tell you. To talk to a cashier isn’t that easy, first of all you have to figure out wether he speaks Dutch, English, Spanish or Papiamentu.

~ 360 days to go…see u soon!

2 thoughts on “Frikandel?

  • Boy 2015-10-09 at 08:58

    Nice post guyz…seems like the perfect spot to acclimate for the first few days of your Worldtour. Have fun!
    P.s. add a picture of all the places/rooms your staying in, that will be a nice feature for your blog and for us to see! 😉

    • Dennis 2015-10-15 at 17:00

      We’re already doing all the beers 😉 Right now we are staying in nice AirBnB places, nothing special to see I guess. Asia will be crazier.

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